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East Rutherford native James Merklinghaus has lent some of his 30 years of experience as a financial services professional to help co-author a book on financial planning for retirement. ”People don't understand that they are going to be retiring and they are going to have to rely on the ups and downs of the market for a good 30 years”.  Contact Jim to get your FREE copy! 


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 “What You Don't Know About Retirement Income Can Hurt You!” published by People Trusted Media, collects the expertise of Jim Merklinghaus and five of his colleagues at the Independent Excellence Group, with Merklinghaus contributing chapters on tax-efficient retirement income and creating lifetime income. See More


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Those perks can be deceiving, however, and Advantage enrollees often find themselves with unexpectedly high out-of-pocket costs once they face serious medical conditions. “They usually have no idea they're in closed networks [HMOs] of doctors and hospitals,” said Jim Merklinghaus of JBM Financial. “Advantage plans are attractive from the onset, but once customers need coverage, they're often disappointed.” See More


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When turning 65, we're faced with a health care choice, and it comes down to your desired “flavor” of Medicare. Making things harder, there are myths out there clouding the situation. Medicare as it's traditionally known includes Parts A and B. Part A is “brick and mortar” coverage, meaning visits to medical facilities, and is financed by taxpayer money via the government. Part B covers medical procedures and tests, and is also taxpayer-financed. There are other parts of Medicare, but these two form the foundation. See More


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 It may seem sexier to get in on the latest initial public offering or that new stock your Uncle Mortimer promises will take off. But that's no way to build a nest egg through the years, says Jim Merklinghaus, founder and president of JBM Financial in Rutherford, New Jersey. “My philosophy has been a conservative approach to retirement, investing consistently over a 30-year period of time. If your principal is 100 percent safe, you have already accounted for 12 years of a normal 30-year retirement. The plan that avoids the loss of principal far exceeds the joy of temporary returns,” he says. See More